Blognotes from a photographer life...

Nov 30, 2008


Massimo Morello is, as many friends know, the driving force behind many of the stories that we produce in south east Asia and other places. Again, he sees things and becomes the two extra eyes to make the "four that sees better then two". Still I wonder how and why I always find him in "convenient" locations... As in the case of the Cebu Prison where he decided to seat in the female section rather then in the...


In the Cebu prison we just shot a story on the "dancing inmates". It's a way they found for social rehabilitation and daily activity. The thing has become so popular in the Philippines that now they run a mass show once a month open to the public. Still is hard to describe the effort they put in this two hours dancing in a 38° open sun courtyard. And more difficult is to go beyond the joyful collective parade and see the hard, personal stories of the individuals imprisoned there.

Nov 28, 2008


As trouble is pouring over Mumbai, life seems to stand still in these remote islands... I wish I was there, not out of crazy masochism but for the wish of telling stories that will certainly unfold in this unique Indian reality. The city has such a strong, multiform vitality that will easily overcome these attacks. But people will keep living lives that would deserve to be told such is their unique strength among unique harshness..
As for me, still browsing Philippines islands, then on to Singapore.. Unless the situation in Bangkok turns ugly and a new crisis window opens up... Let's hope I'll still keep chasing sunsets for a while...

Nov 12, 2008


...even when you live in a old house falling apart, sharing it with hundreds of people and having ten square meters for your -large- family.. as long as your mother is washing your back!

Nov 5, 2008


Just entered Turkey from Syria, where excited people call Barak "Osama" the promise of the coming times...
I agree, still have to see, and then I hope with no inclination like the Sheikh..
Syria has many reasons to be angry and wanting change, but they should start from within their system. Communications are still limited, with many websites, all blogs and Facebook blocked in the net.
Still people are friendly, open, and looking at the future with a peaceful attitude.
We should always keep people in mind when we think to a Nation as a whole. Berlusconi is not Italy (well, maybe a large part), Bush was not the US. People are much better then their governments policy and we should search, know, photograph and write about them for a start..