Blognotes from a photographer life...

Apr 28, 2008


Working on a travel assignment here in Kyoto, the city often said to be the Japanese equivalent of Florence.. and seeing the flocks of tourists crowding the magnificent temples I can understand why! I'm still searching for the soul of this place, if there is still one to be discovered! The most difficult task, in this modern globalized world, is really this: searching for a reason to travel when at first sight everything seems so familiar.. But there is always a good reason to explore: at least the exploration itself...

Apr 19, 2008


On June 27-29 the TPW project Passion & Profession will be held in Montepulciano. It's a great and affordable opportunity to talk in a very realistic way of our profession today. I'll be part of the panel on the 28th, but all of the three days will be equally useful to clarify many ideas to all of us. See the link to have more info..


Hello from Norway! Just to remind that on April 22nd the NAG show will be opening at FNAC in Genoa. I can't be there as I'll be going to Japan right afterwards..