Blognotes from a photographer life...

Jan 29, 2009


As I walk through the streets of this city that I know well enough to find my way, I keep thinking at my Blade Runner project. From several years I'm planning to find those scenes that in many World's metropolis resemble so much the movie forecasts. As George Orwell's 1984 has become a reality perfectly on time, so the Ridley Scott's images have become almost actual to our life. At least in certain parts of the Earth. Old street-food vendors below modern skyscrapers, crumbling buildings lodging the outcasts, cars, well, not flying, just yet... I think is time to start working on this project seriously... This can be the starting concept for that Global New World that will be the logic sequence to NAG (Not Yet Global), the collection of images with wich I have saluted the finishing time of cultural differences.

Jan 24, 2009


Just Arrived in Bangkok that will be the base for the next three months in South East Asia. With Massimo Morello we are planning to shoot stories in Bangladesh, Vietnam and Philippines as well as in Thailand. So we'll be staying in this residence, a home away from home, with this beautiful view on Saphan Taksim. Looking outside my window I remembered the accusation I received during my presentation at Fotografica 2007 from a guy that thought I have an "esotic" eye for things and situations I photograph. I should have answered that esotism is most of the times in the eyes of whom's looking rather then in those of the photographer, but I love idealism too much to be hard against it. And here I am, looking at what has become of this oriental city that I first sow in 1978, my first impact with Asia, from which I remember the noise (still increased, as you can well imagine) and the unknown odors, transformed in the well known smog, and I wonder how can I pull something esotic out of it.
It's time of thinking, brainstorming, searching and evolving for me, and I think this urban, blade-runner-like situation, is really what I need today. New stories and new language, this is the challenge I give myself. With a profound doubt: for whom to publish, therefore for whom to see..

Jan 14, 2009


We just renewed the concept for the website, the showcase version of the web presentations. Rather then showing the whole of my production this is a flash based presentation of portfolios, recent stories, projects. There are still some minor problems in the layout, and any feedback will be appreciated.