Blognotes from a photographer life...

Jul 22, 2008


Sometimes stories are born in the mind of people without really thinking.. I wonder why I'm in this city that, yes, was beautiful, and yes, was important, and yes, was an attractive sea resort for Russians.. but today is, well, just a place for real-estate investments forUkrainian mid-class holidaymakers.. The hard part is to show the place in a beautiful light, even if it seems everything is under repair. Unfortunately, I would say. The only places I really like are the old buildings in full decadence.. and the hordes of tourist that really reminds of Western Europe in the sixties.. But why should we suggest anybody to come here for visiting?

Jul 18, 2008


Shooting in Kiev the first story that Bell'Europa is dedicating to Ukraine. Well, I have to say that I don't find this part of Europe that exciting. The process of integration they are undergoing is somehow obvious and full of predictable contradictions. You can't say that they are losing their culture in the name of globalization because socialism had virtually canceled, or flattened at best what was there. Is seems that only religion, Orthodoxy, can revive from the ashes of recent history. But with so many contrasts that it seems another topic for the next fight. Closer to Russia or to Europe? What? Do you think there is going to be a difference in the future? Everybody is sailing on this sea of oil (petrol, I mean).. One thing is still here, for sure: everybody is walking with a bottle in their hand, and this Friday night is just full of drunks and Eastern European emptiness..

Jul 16, 2008


During some works, even the more professional oriented ones, like the archaeological coverage for Focus magazine in Istanbul last week, I end finding magic moments where photography becomes a precious connection to the subject. Only in a country like Turkey, and few other places, you can still approach the Islamic world without creating suspicions. Here I found this very mystical moment, with the old Imam teaching a young boy to read the Koran. I shoot many images, for some time, and they both accepted my presence with total spontaneity.. One of those moments that make this job still a pleasure..

Jul 2, 2008


Talking with friends and fellows in Montepulciano was very enlightening.. I may have sounded pessimist in declaring the poor working condition of photographers in Italy today, but I had to speak the truth. Few bright cases in the editorial activity (National Geographic, Geo Germany -thank you Ruth for your encouraging words- Time, Newsweek) cannot represent a solid ground for a large number of professionals.
Still I think this is the best profession in the world. Not just because we travel taking pictures but rather for the opportunity of looking around the real side of life and expressing it at our best.
So, if you really feel you want to do it notwithstanding the economical hardship... well, just go for it! But don't forget that your quality will be the only key to success...