Blognotes from a photographer life...

Nov 18, 2007


Shooting at few degrees below zero in Seoul makes thinking difficult... but this city is really interesting. The classic metropolis in the Blade Runner atmosphere that I’ve been chasing for years and has been existing for a short while mainly in Asia is still lingering here. The modernization cleanup has almost been completed and the globalized modern life-style is here too...


  1. I found most of your pictures entertaining and seem to reflect the true heart of Seoul.But I think the picture of the butcher shop could give the wrong impression since dog meat is not eaten daily by everyone as, many people outside Korea believe. Every country has its own historical tradition, and this is one of the many cultural delicacies of our country.I hope this helps your viewers to understand more about Korea.Thanks.

  2. hmm, Blade Runner? The "cleanup" is a long way off depending on where you are in Seoul. I currently live in Gangnam and although that are thousands of restaurants, shops, etc. It's far from being "modernized". They don't subscribe to the architecture as art way of thinking. So it's extremely jumbled, chaotic, but on a summer night, it somehow works.