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Apr 28, 2008


Working on a travel assignment here in Kyoto, the city often said to be the Japanese equivalent of Florence.. and seeing the flocks of tourists crowding the magnificent temples I can understand why! I'm still searching for the soul of this place, if there is still one to be discovered! The most difficult task, in this modern globalized world, is really this: searching for a reason to travel when at first sight everything seems so familiar.. But there is always a good reason to explore: at least the exploration itself...


  1. Hi, this is in no way related to there a way to access your previous screensavers?
    One which I used was that of the Tuscan landscape (a few years ago now). My hard disk recently crashed and I lost all my files (ouch...). I'd like to have that particular screen saver image, if possible!
    Please let me know, thanks

  2. Hi Luckimi.. please try to remind me the picture code, or when you downloaded it.. I'll give a look in the website history and try to mail you that particular picture. ciao

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  4. It probably dates from 2002, but not certain.
    I'll describe it:
    A very green, undulating landscape with a small cluster of cypress trees at the top right of the image. Thanks for searching.

  5. Let me try to give a look... will take a few days after I get back to Italy..

  6. That's fine.
    If you manage to locate it, then please send to
    Much appreciated.