Blognotes from a photographer life...

Jul 2, 2008


Talking with friends and fellows in Montepulciano was very enlightening.. I may have sounded pessimist in declaring the poor working condition of photographers in Italy today, but I had to speak the truth. Few bright cases in the editorial activity (National Geographic, Geo Germany -thank you Ruth for your encouraging words- Time, Newsweek) cannot represent a solid ground for a large number of professionals.
Still I think this is the best profession in the world. Not just because we travel taking pictures but rather for the opportunity of looking around the real side of life and expressing it at our best.
So, if you really feel you want to do it notwithstanding the economical hardship... well, just go for it! But don't forget that your quality will be the only key to success...


  1. Ciao Andrea, so che terrai un seminario su questi temi a fine luglio, sempre in Toscana, mi puoi dare qualche info in più? grazie per il tuo impegno!


  2. Ciao Fedrico,
    il workshop è in forse.. prova a sentire direttamente TPW, attraverso la mail sul sito, e senti com'è la situazione.. io torno dall'ucraina il 25.. ciao e grazie