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Oct 9, 2008


This gentleman is a member of the Merwari caste in India. This caste used to live in beautiful haveli residences in the Shekawati region of Rajasthan. Then the economy crashed and they had to move out, most of them to Calcutta, starting a new life but still in the trading business.
The Chettiars were even more poweful, with their palaces in the dry heart of Tamil Nadu. Their business was controlling India and most of South East Asia. Then the British Empire fell, and the Chettiars had to change their life too. Now they are in California, London and still in control of Indian economy.
Well, you know what I mean.. Now that our empire is shaking maybe is time to think... new ways, new environments, new ideas.
Creativity will be the only way out of this... hopefully!

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