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Feb 22, 2009


Rohingyas are a Muslim minority stranded and persecuted in Myanmar by the army junta, and certainly not loved by the majority Buddhist population. So they have escaped for 30 years to neighboring Bangladesh, counting on faith solidarity in spite of the country poor conditions.
But most of them are not accommodated in the two UNHCR camps and find themselves in makeshift camps where life is as hard as possible.
This man, reduced to skin and bones, had gone searching for firewood, an illegal activity, and had fallen breaking a leg. We found him like this, with an infection giving him a high fever, with no possible cure at all. All his wife could do for him was washing is body to offer some relief. I wonder if he is still alive after few days..
No wonder most of these people try to escape by see toward Malaysia: an impossible trip, still better than starving and see your family die in here.

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