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Apr 9, 2009


Back in Manila, in a trash hotel facing a brothel crowded by over-sixty expats surrounded by young girls.. a perfect spot for reflecting on how fast this world is cracking under it's mistakes..
Tragic news are arriving from l'Aquila, with many dead people and many others deprived of a house and proper shelter. Can't imagine how hard it is in this time of crisis, when everything is becoming uncertain, to see the few solid things you have crumbling after an earthquake.

This is the right time to think what my profession should become, what images is still worth to take, what stories are really interesting to be told. But I miss an important element of confrontation: if photography is communication, it is such only if it gets published by the media. Whatever media. Unfortunately that part of the cycle is in total confusion. Many magazines are struggling to survive, others don't know which way to go. And the "new" media don't know if they are really worth something, and how they should evolve..
It's really the chaos of a radical transition..

As difficult as it is, I still think this has a positive side. We have been complaining for years of how poor (in money and quality) the media market was. Of how precarious it was. It's time for a clean up, for a fresh starts. New media, new photographers, new languages. Creativity should be the evaluation of what is new. Will it be? Or will be only value for money? Cheap and of scarce quality?

More to say.. My connection time is over (150 pesos an hour) and the brothel is noisy..

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