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Jul 12, 2009


I don't like to give numbers much importance when it comes to professional photography... But the recent four months trip in Asia is a good opportunity to fetch some indications.. Some friends had asked how much I had shoot, how many were edited and so on...
Here are some data.
Four months were spent based in Bangkok and shooting in Bangladesh, Northern Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Vietnam, Philippines, China and Borneo.
The shots taken with Nikon D3X (90%) and D3 were around 35.000.
The final selection for what I call the core, in fact my archive, amounts to 3800 images, a bit less then 11%. What is going into major stock agency is around 1,5%.
The selection of the selection has produced 14 stories (for large or minor publications) comprising around 600 images. The first time publication will amount to around 120 images.
It took four months to shoot all this material. Around one month the post-production.
If you like numbers this can be interesting.
I think the real question will be "how many images are really good, really worth looking to, and remember.." The answer is possible only after digesting the photos, getting free from collateral images in my mind..

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