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Aug 28, 2009


Confession: I love Apple! My first Apple (still not called Mac) was dated 1985. And I'm a faithful person, at least when it comes to technology..
And of course I love the iPhone, the applications and implications, with music and photography above all.
Normally I don't bring a camera with me, if I'm not working.. But the iPhone, or better, it's photo applications, changed this for me...
Now I take little "real-photos" of my simple "daily-life"... And here is a short diary of my summer.. with home, motorcycle, TPW, family and friends...


  1. Tell ya what, I have an Apple IIc still running at my parents!
    I was a Mac fan when I first started using computers, all the way to the mighty Mac IIgs! Now that was a great machine, way much better than the DOS based PCs of that era...
    Then, I had to change to DOS/Windows cuz at school, nobody was using Mac!
    Thinking about it, I guess I could sell the Apple IIc to a Museum or a collector!

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  3. What I have to say Andrea, Iphone or Camera, Apple ..Mac or whatever your are a "MAESTRO". Keep on going !!

  4.'s refreshing to actually get a glimpse of some of the people and happy moments in your 'holiday' life and... beautifully done.
    Lorraine (from Sydney)

  5. mac is crap ;) have fun in Perpignan...