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Jan 1, 2010


Last night I headed to Siam, the heart of the "glamorous" Bangkok, to participate the New Year celebration. Bottle and glasses on hand and all the classic paraphernalia ready. Thai dinner at the Paragon, walk down Sukhumvit road (only for pedestrians last night!) and almost at the epicentre of Central World.. Then the sound of a Buddhist prayer came out of Wat Pathum Wanaram Ratchaworawam, the temple surrounded today by gigantic shopping mall. What can I say, must be what remains of years shooting religious subjects, or an hidden vocation for the spiritual side, but I walked in to find a rare ceremony to celebrate not only the new year but rather the coincidence of the (bright, over standing) full moon.. The atmosphere was fantastic, the other side of some (rather subdued) pagan celebrations out on the road..
Well I made it back on Sukhumvit one minute before midnight, right on time to open the bottle and find myself wet with champagne and holy water from the monk's benediction.. And definitely happy for such a beginning!

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