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Feb 23, 2010


The King Cobra village, in northern Thailand, has developed a local business out of a problematic co-existence with a large community of Cobra snakes, up to 3 meters long poisonous unfriendly wanderers. The Cobra Fight is a show where villagers, old and young, confront a snake in a proof of courage. In fact the villagers keep the poor Cobras even at home, in wooden boxes, feed them with smaller snakes and pat them on the head like friendly pets. Therefore the fight is really a family matter. Where one member of the family is indeed a real snake!
But looking at the show my preference for other animals over humans comes back, even with such improbable counterpart. Looking at the face of the "human fighter" just about to swallow the head of the King Cobra, I can't avoid wondering who the most dangerous is. The proud villain used to wander the countryside chasing rats, and now is a prisoner, a gladiator called to fight in a ridiculous arena. As I said for the Corrida, that i still like (I would prefer to be a Corrida Bull then a cow slaughtered for steaks!), let it be, but allow me to be a fan for the Cobra! (This guy was bitten 47 times: we are not even, but...)

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