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Jan 17, 2012


If you think of Burma like golden pagodas, saffron monks and political trouble, well, think again! There is a subtle revolution taking place in the country that no military or political power can control, also because is starting in their own households, with their own sons. Globalization is setting in the new generations with the regional pace, that means fast. As a lady from the Burmese exiled elite was noticing "skirts are going from ankle to groin forgetting the knees".
For the moment it is largely concentrated in the main cities, but is involving all social classes. The Iron Cross hard rock band has is supporters in every social group (buying Chines clothes, jeans, make up is very cheap) and the transformation can bypass the political control to change society from it's roots.
Fashion, cinema, music, shopping trends are redefining  the inner core of the national soul, and the recent political openings will be probably the entrance for an avalanche that will change this country forever.
I have been visiting Myanmar for over 13 years now, noticing little changes until my last visit, in December. Now everything feels like near an explosion: when the opening will arrive, and it will be pretty soon, this country will become a huge market for powerful multinational companies (that are operating there already, despite of international sanctions), as they will find a crowd craving for novelties, modernity, mass-market products. In a few years the bare landscape will resemble the one of Thailand, with large roads and electric lines everywhere. There is no scarcity of natural resources in here.
So, if you wish to give a last glimpse to the last country preserving an Asia traditional flavor, this is the time to go.
For an insight to the future preparing it's ground you can give a look to my story, in PadPlaces (The Other Burma).

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