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Jun 19, 2008


During the PASSION & PROFESSION time in Montepulciano my show dedicated to Burmese people will be inaugurated. Here is the presentation.
"A dedication to the BURMESE people, their daily life and culture. Victims and executioners, pacifists and violent, believers and transgressive. A people who fought for freedom, but dominates ethnic minorities that make up the rest of modern Myanmar. People who follow the Buddhist precepts but wear a uniform stained of the worst crimes. Monks who embody the spirit of the country, but are able to rebel only when their privileges are called into question by the regime.
Beyond the clichés the modern Myanmar is a reality poor, violent, complex. With a few innocent and many responsibilities. And many victims.
The democratic freedoms of the Burmese people is in its ability to overcome internal divisions and contrasts. The country risks becoming Yugoslavia in Asia if not balanced find a way out of the military dictatorship. Parties from all the opposition knows well, and they fear civil war more then repression of the regime.
How will Shan, Karen, Rakhine and the many other ethnic groups react to a power vacuum? Somebody will be able to create a federalism that completely erases years of oppression and violence? The monastic power will become an instrument of union?
A country with a culture so old as well preserved must put aside their divisions and grievances and seek new road to stay abreast of the continent. Provided that the two neighboring powers, China in the first place and also India, finally renounce that political and economic control that has condemned Myanmar for its state of passion."


  1. "During the PASSION & PROFESSION time in Montepulciano my show dedicated to Burmese people will be inaugurated."

    salve, auguri per la mostra... e, per quanto ci sarà che mi son' persa l'inaugurazione?

    grazi, saluti, Eva

  2. ciao Eva,

    scusa il ritardo.. la mostra sarà a Montepulciano per tutta l'estate (mi dicono).. ciao, grazie..