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Jun 24, 2008


Cooling down in Oslo, once again. I'm finishing the story on the new Opera House (very nice architecture) for Bell'Europa magazine.
For all those guys who keep asking what difference I see in my "travel" or "reportage" works, as divided in the web site, let me explain.
I feel reportage, intended as documentary photography on cultural and social aspects of life worldwide, is my main interest and vocation. But there is little space left for this kind of stories: magazines don't have budget nor much interest in these large stories, and people interested are lessening by the day.
Therefore to feed myself and my professional activity (and opportunity to keep shooting what I like) I also keep on my professional "travel" work, with coverage dedicated to tourist and cultural destinations e to be published on travel magazines. The good aspect of this compromise is not just money and travel: I can put some creativity and research also in this part of my work, and everybody likes this style cross-process (allow me...).
I know this can create some confusion on my image as a photographer, but I think a good picture is a good picture, and I prefer doing this rather then to work in a bar to feed myself. Comments are appreciated...

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