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May 20, 2010


I landed in Bangkok in October, on a humid sunrise at the end of the rainy season. Now, after over seven months, the rain is not coming back yet. Instead a revolution has taken place, leaving an uncertain situation. Bangkok is burning: the future at risk. It is time to fly home. But where is "home"? What is "home"? An proverb says that "home is where the heart is".. partly it's true, but it's not all.
For me the feeling of being "home" is a little more complicated, maybe because I try to live, as Theroux indicates, traveling, and "Travel is at its most rewarding when it ceases to be about your reaching a destination and becomes indistinguishable from living your life".
The places where I feel home are more then one: Tuscany, Sicily, Bangkok, Bali, Brazil.. Besides Tuscany, where obviously I was born and have my house and work, I came to realize that what makes me feel "homely" are the people more then the environment. I'm Latin, I love a positive approach to life. Even in tough times I'm conscious that I was born in a lucky time and place, and I should always look at the "half full glass", having witnessed other's many empty glasses until now. In those places people share the same philosophy. And love. (With some obvious, tragic, temporary exception.. of course).
So, here comes the time to board a plane and pass from a summer to the other. But are only the seasons of life that are shifting.. I hope peace prevails in this "other home" of mine...

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  1. Found a blog through a friend of yours. I'm sitting here in Seoul, my adopted city. This post of yours is quite interesting. I've been traveling for many years now, having called Paris, Gothenburg and now Seoul, home. I'm a photographer, not as well known as yourself, but I'm getting there. The world, my body and mind is my home, but I feel now that it's time to perhaps call one place home for at least 5 years. Ha!
    My idea is to return to Europe, this time Italy, and see what I can create there. Another adventure, I have a good feeling...
    I'm Black American so that makes me extremely optimistic. Where there is a know the rest.


    Felicia Shelton