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May 16, 2010


The situation in Bangkok is on the brink of tragedy: should the Army attack the protesters ground the number of casualties will be great. In the meantime the Red Shirts are fighting in the streets around, trying to escape the siege. Scenes of violence, on both sides, are changing the perception of this land and people. I'm not surprised: Asia is famous for smiles transformed in atrocities in the blink of an eye. The worst part, for a Westerner, is that predict that moment is impossible. The number of deaths is over 60, with over 1700 wounded until now. And the battle goes on in the soi of the city. The greater fear is that such a situation, should it create the martyrs that many people wish for, will leave a condition where terror and violence could linger for the years to come.
I have now posted a multiple selection of images that resume the revolution until now. You can see it on the web site. And will keep following..

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  1. Some Thai blogs are pointing the fact that with 4 more victims, Abhisit Govt will become the most violent of the last 50 years of history.

    There is little doubt that Abhisit will win, but what will be the trophy? A score of deaths, injured, a wounded Country deeply divided.
    Sure, he will make his friends and Bangkok happy but what about the rest of the Country? Can a PM keep ruling when the majority of the population hates him?
    Former PM Somchai resigned taking responsibility for less than a dozen of deaths and few injured a couple of years ago...compared to this, Abhisit should pack his bags and leave the Country right away!