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Aug 28, 2010


I just finished an assignment through the Norwegian Fjords (you can see some iPhone images in this Facebook gallery). The nature is still awesome, powerful, immense. The weather is really dominating your destiny here, and you feel overwhelmed by the light even in a rainy day!
But the country, the humanized part of it, has changed a lot. Even with this population, probably the European one whose life is the most depending on nature, and therefore very mindful of it in habits and sensibilities, modernity has traced changes. Behind the red huts reflecting in every fjord shoreline, there is a technological evolution that has completely changed the way of life in the vastness of the countryside. Maybe alcohol is still a stigma, but internet goes well with it! And Oil is pumping money!
But my thoughts are going to a much larger point of reflexion then the Norwegian life. Is the condition of the European continent in this century that is really interesting me.
We, the modern Europeans, are part of a living museum. From Greece to Italy, from France to England, we were the cradle of western civilization. Art, philosophy, industry, social order were born here and then given, or imposed, to the world. Of course the past century has seen the passage of power to the American continent. Still today are the United States the place where ideas are born and developed. Asia is still only the large factory to these ideas: nothing really new is coming from there, yet. It will come, eventually, in a few decades.
But Europe has lost for good. It's is a good place to live. Probably the best in the world. From the fjords here to the Greek islands; from the art cities of Italy to the Highlands of Scotland; from the vineyards of France to Andalusia.. and endless gallery of beauty and social peace and wealth that fears no comparison. Or it does?
If you are a young European with ideas, do you feel you are in the right continent? Or you feel like innovation, creativity, inventiveness are escaping you? The world is shaping up somewhere else, and I feel like we lost the train.
But the entire humanity is globalized and connected. It's easy to get off. If you feel like you want to be part of the changing, with an active role, don't sit in this comfortable chair overlooking ancient beauty. Go where the heart is beating, be part of the big game, do something good.


  1. The answer is not to tell "young Europeans with ideas" to go where the so-called action is. The answer is to tell the Old Europeans, the ones sitting and rotting in their comfortable chairs and waxing poetic about the past that they didn't help create to get out in the sun and motivate the youth in their own countries. The reason why America has been in the lead for centuries (and this will continue for centuries to come) is that we promote our young people from BEFORE they are even born. Our parents tell us that we will be great, that we already ARE great. Everyone tells their child before they can even talk that they are special, that their ideas are brilliant, etc. What do you expect to get when you raise a child like that? A pencil-pusher?! No. You get someone who is constantly thinking of new ways to do things, constantly going after a vision in his or her own head, a vision that they will fulfill or die trying to. You get innovators, creators of the new! It's not about Europe, America, Asia, etc. This thinking is antiquated. It's about beliefs. The kind of beliefs you instill in your child, in your nation are the beliefs that will sustain him or her through out their life. Beliefs and Vision make for great nations and people. Europe has simply stop believing in itself, she has simply settled for a life of comfort. Believe me, I love her beauty, love her art and she inspires me to no end, but as an American I know full well, that life is not about comfort or status quo, it is about realizing your dreams. It's a very American way of thinking. Our work is never done, it just evolves into something else. I say to young Europeans, believe in yourself enough to shake up your elders, don't sleep, don't strive for a life of comfort. You can sleep in your pretty box when you're dead. For now, create and live! My country is too crowded as it is.

  2. I can agree on most of your vision.. But don't forget that most of American inventions were created by immigrants (born in Europe and gone in the US to find a fertile ground for their ideas..)

  3. An educated point, but all were not immigrants. African-Americans, are not "immigrants" and yet they've contributed to the well-being of our society in innumerable ways, let alone in inventions my dear man. Besides, those immigrants you speak of came to America because they knew even then that that Europe was not a place of openess, it had lost its pioneering spirit ages ago. Why they came to my country and left the old country was because they saw a better vision and better version of themselves and the lives they wanted to create. Your young people feel the same way, that is why they are coming in droves (nothing has changed) and allowing their minds to run wild and free in an atmosphere that nurtures creative thinking. I welcome them. I love Europe and I hope to bring my pioneering spirit to Europe to give it the shot in the arm it so desperately needs again.

  4. I absolute agree. But every day I wonder the sense of being in the most beautiful country in the world, Italy ! A country that has no longer the ability to express his talents. Where meritocracy is just a obsolete word... Where the law of the smartest wins ... And where professionalism is not more appreciated ...