Blognotes from a photographer life...

Sep 3, 2010


I have friends that fear my analysis of the actual professional situation may sound too pessimist.. People who knows me know very well that my attitude is quite the opposite. Sure, I tend to criticize what I see, an ancient Tuscan attitude, but I mean this as an incentive to myself as well as to others. Self satisfaction is deceiving and dangerous, although we certainly need gratifications. But I well aware of being part of that lucky portion of humanity that can express itself with no real limits, with plenty of freedom, with great instruments of expression.
Facing the reality is not pessimism: it is, or wants to be, a push toward change. Change for good!
Therefore, my message to all people is: keep making photos to express yourself! But think a lot, face realities, catch something that is good for others as well as for yourself.. If you are a pro and/or a photojournalist taking photos is also a social responsibility.. But keep shooting, shooting, shooting...


  1. you're right Andrea, "keep making photos to express yourself!" is a basic rule that all have to follow. I think expression and likeness while shooting are the key for good and healty pictures. bye!

  2. "taking photos is also a social responsibility" - this is really true. In this era, the digital era, we all are going to loose a lot of images, in the future.
    We (pro or not pro photographers)MUST take photos as to describe in a remore future the past times.
    My english is very bad, I know, but I think that the sense of my meaning can be understood.